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Jessy Jones

Jessy Jones is an experienced porn performer with about 25 movies (and 9 inches!) under his belt. Now he makes his premiere on SG4GE and what a debut it turns out to be. Jessy is clean-cut with a handsome face and can-do attitude. His playmate slides off his jeans until Jessy has nothing on but a sexy pair of tight white briefs, his raging hard-on barely contained. When his super-long, super-thick cock is finally exposed, it's quite the visual. It gets swallowed, slurped and sucked. You ass lovers also get a treat when Jessy gets on all fours and has his hole rimmed. The fucking begins on the sofa, Jessy sitting up as his friend Alexa rides his dick. He then drills her from behind (her moans of ecstasy tell the story) and even after she cums Jessy is far from finished. This porn star has stamina for days and the icing on the cake is the huge load of cum he spills at the end.

35 minutes
Age: 24 Sign: Cancer Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 165 lbs. Cock: 9" Eyes : Brown
Date Produced: 06/16/2011

A former Marine (with the tattoo to prove it) Justin is a muscle bound sweetheart. This movie is shorter than most because poor Kandee just couldn't take his big, downward curving cock. But you'll see why this stud is handy with the ladies. He knows how to use his tool.

20 minutes
Age: 30 Sign: Aquarius Height: 6' 00"
Weight: 205 lbs. Cock: 8.5" Eyes : Blue
Date Produced: 08/27/04

Ethan is a hot young straight guy who loves the size of his cock. And why wouldn't he be proud of the 8.5 inch monster that is nearly as thick around? Watch Ethan shine his biggest smile ever as he fucks Kandee while having the time of his life.

33 minutes
Age: 22 Sign: Cancer Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 155 lbs. Cock: 8.5" Eyes : Green
Date Produced: 09/09/04

Although Kameron appears to be quiet and shy, don't let that fool you. He's covered with several body piercings which he pierced himself! Feast your eyes on this young and hung stud. Watch him as he fucks an "older woman" with all the energy of an 18 year old.

35 minutes
Age: 18 Sign: Leo Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 140 lbs. Cock: 8.5" Eyes : Brown
Date Produced: 6/3/05

Ross is a surfer from Orange County with a sexy, naturally athletic body. He loves his girlfriend, but neither of them are the jealous type. They both do porn with other people. But when they are together you can see the sparks fly. Lovers know how to really get each other off.

35 minutes
Age: 28 Sign: Capricorn Height: 6' 00"
Weight: 200 lbs. Cock: 8.5" Eyes : Blue
Date Produced: 12/8/05
Travis and Ross

Like two studs in a beam--this beam gets nailed! Travis and Ross show her no mercy as they trade her back and forth, while you get to watch twice the ass.

35 minutes
Age: 27 / 28 Sign: Gemini / Capricorn Height: 5' 11" / 5' 11"
Weight: 195 / 200 lbs. Cock: 8" / 8.5" Eyes : Green / Blue
Date Produced: 12/17/05
Jack Lawrence

Officer Jack Lawrence arrives on the scene with his barrel cocked and ready for some action. He helps Azalea out with her traffic ticket, and then helps himself to her pussy. Watch justice being served, one inch at a time.

35 minutes
Age: 39 Sign: Aquarius Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 199 lbs. Cock: 8.5" Eyes : Blue
Date Produced: 2/20/06
Ross II

Ross is back for Part II! He's cut his hair, but unlike Sampson he hasn't lost any of his prowess. Watch this surfer stud with a sexy, naturally athletic body from years of riding the waves, as he fucks Azalea, his then fiancee (and now wife).

35 minutes
Age: 28 Sign: Capricorn Height: 6' 00"
Weight: 200 lbs. Cock: 8.5" Eyes : Blue
Date Produced: 1/10/06
Dave Vargas

Some of you may recognize Dave Vargas as now retired gay-for-pay pornstar Cameron Sage. Dave is now doing straight porn exclusively. He is the picture of laid back California cool. Until it comes to sex with his girl. Watch this sleepy fuck machine awake to the delight of his girlfriend as she sucks, massages and then gets rewarded with a thorough pounding California style. Way cool.

35 minutes
Age: 29 Sign: Capricorn Height: 6' 01"
Weight: 207 lbs. Cock: 8.5" Eyes : Blue
Date Produced: 3/23/06
Jeremy Holmes

With blonde hair, hard abs, and a sly smile, Jeremy is the boy-next-door who climbs up the trellis and fucks the neighbor's daughter. He loves to fuck girls and he shows it. Watch this blonde, chiseled cutie smile his way in to your heart while he slides his big cock into an ecstatic Brianna.

35 minutes
Age: 30 Sign: Aries Height: 5' 09"
Weight: 170 lbs. Cock: 8.5" Eyes : Blue
Date Produced: 5/27/06
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